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Ginger Andro and Chuck Glicksman are married and are co-founders of Kiki & Friends working to bring the best quality aromatherapy products for pets and their people to market.

Ginger Andro is a Lead Instructor for Ebers School of Aromatherapy. As an artist and Certified Natural Perfumist she uses environmental scent in her installation work with the artist-team Andro and Glicksman. Ginger is a Level 3 Certified Aromatherapist, a Registered S.P.E. Practitioner (Spiritual Phyto Essence), and a Level 2 Certified Animal Aromatherapist. She is a partner in Kiki and Friends Aromatics LLC, a products and services company for people and pets. She is the New Jersey Regional Director and a Professional Member of NAHA, Member of the Airmid Institute, as well as, an Officer of the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter of The American Herbalist Guild.                                                                                                                                            

We began using aromatherapy with our beagle Jake around 20 years ago. Jake was a tough puppy; rescued as a stray from the streets of the Bronx.  Although he was beautiful and a smart 1yr. old, Jake arrived with a complete set of emotional baggage. Over time we customized a series of essential oil blends and sprays that helped Jake adjust to his new environment and find balance and well-being in his new home. The aromatherapy was quite effective in making us a much happier family. 

So after years of study and making blends for friends and family we are now introducing Kiki and Friends, named after our terrier rescue and CEO, Kiki. We’re excited to offer this new line of products.  It’s a new company, with a fresh approach, that we hope can help you and your pet.