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About Us

Our Story

Ginger Andro and Chuck Glicksman are married and are co-founders of Kiki & Friends working to bring the best quality aromatherapy products for pets to market. Ginger has earned Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery certifications from the Open Center in N.Y.C., an Animal Aromatherapy Level II Practitioner certification from Ashi Therapy, is a registered S.P.E. practitioner and is studying Spiritual PhytoEssencing with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, as well as being a professional member of NAHA (National Association of Aromatherapists) and AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists) 
















                                                                                                                                            We began using aromatherapy with our beagle Jake around 15 years ago. Jake was a tough puppy; rescued as a stray from the streets of the Bronx.  Although he was beautiful and a smart 1yr. old, Jake arrived with a complete set of emotional baggage. Over time we customized a series of essential oil blends and sprays that helped Jake adjust to his new environment and find balance and well-being in his new home. The aromatherapy was quite effective in making us a much happier family. 

So after years of study and making blends for friends and family we are now introducing Kiki and Friends, named after our terrier rescue and CEO, Kiki. We’re excited to offer this new line of products.  It’s a new company, with a fresh approach, that we hope can help you and your pet.








OUR BLENDS                                                  

We create synergistic essential oil blends that are combined with carefully chosen flower essences and then lovingly mixed with intention to support your dogs happiness and well-being.  Hand blended and bottled with glass in Westwood, NJ


"My beautiful 11 yr old Coonhound mix Alya was diagnosed with an inoperable thyroid carcinoma. She had a long road ahead of her with scans and radiation and needed something to help her through her daily trips to the cancer center. I sought the help of Ginger Andro and Kiki & Friends for their amazing natural pet remedies. 

Each morning I would spray Ayla (and myself) with their “Calming” blend just before entering the hospital. She responded instantly enjoying the cool mist upon her face and body and bravely and calmly walked through those doors for 20 rounds of radiation. 

For now my girl is comfortable and happy and is always receptive to a spritz from one of Kiki & Friends aromatherapy sprays."                                                                                                                                     

Susan Weinrich Owner, Westwood Pets Unltd. Westwood, N.J. 


"Kiki & Friends Calming Spray is a wonderful olfactory experience!!  Any concoction that Ginger Andro blends is unique beyond words.  The scent is light and spicy, delicate and refreshing, making it so unusual and so effective.  My dog Vera responds so well to this spray, in fact she's fast asleep right next to me while i am writing.  This spray is also a daily ritual for me.  I use it more than any other fragrance I own! "                                                                            

Elizabeth Evans-Olivier, Pilates on Grand, Englewood, NJ