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For People

The Peoples Collection offers Calming Car Diffusers for peaceful drives, Empowerment and Calming Personal Inhalers for stressful times and an anointing oil blend called Healing Heart  

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For Dogs

Topical sprays for calming, mobility, digestion, allergies and outdoor pests. Check out our new Kiki's Travel Kit and Paw Paw Hebal Salve for both you and your pet.

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Marilynn on Dec 25, 2018

A dear friend gave this to me for a Christmas gift. As soon as I opened the adorable little bottle the scent was phenomenal. It was like being enveloped by a loving hug! Now every time I use it I will think of her! She has used the calming formula for her dog with great results and I will be suggesting your products in my pet care business ❤️




I recently found Calming and Empowerment, and use them every day. Empowerment is so effective for me at night when spring allergies can get the best of me, clearing up my breathing quickly. I also carry it with me during the day, reassuring in this time of Corona. The Calm sniffer is a delight and I use it often. It is a good antidote to the daily news and it clears the mind for creative endeavors.




Hi Ginger,
I got the sprays. Thank you SO much. I just started using the Calming Spray but I am LOVING IT. I used it tonight on a shy Dachshund/Chihuahua mix and she seemed to respond IMMEDIATELY. So obviously that the client said, WOW we need to get some of this spray. I sent her to your website so I hope she orders. I am SO excited to be using your products. Thanks SO much. Hope to talk to you again soon.