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Car Diffuser Gift Kit

Car Diffuser Gift Kit

$ 15.00

Chill'in your dog in the car!  

Car Diffuser Gift Kit includes a stainless steel car vent diffuser with two high quality, non-toxic, wool and cotton pads.  The kit also has a 1ml bottle of our Earth Angels essential oil diffuser blend.    

        Earth Angels Blend includes:

Clary Sage - for uplifting and helping anxiety                                                Cedarwood - for fortifying and strengthening                                                       Roman Chamomile - for soothing restlessness and impatience
Ghandi Root - for calming and a positive attitude                               
Lemon - for clarity and trust
Petitgrain -for strength and courage                                                                    Amyrs - for it’s sedative properties
Ginger - for valor and courage                                                                                             Rose - for love                                                                                                            Lavender - for harmony

Application: Tap 5-10 drops of oil onto pad and place in diffuser

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